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Mi Manchi come il WiFi

Galleria Stefania Miscetti, Rome (October 2019)
in collaboration with Jack Wooley & Bernardo Moleon

A WiFi router - typically an ambiguous plastic box tucked in the corner of the house, ignored until it stops working- is a symbol of the modern home and perhaps the most defining object of our contemporary culture. It is with the same hope and certainty with which people once turned to the Holy scriptures in search for answers, that we today turn to the Internet, allowing it to unrestrainedly shape our perception of the world and even ourselves.
The exhibition “Mi manchi come il Wi-Fi” physically places Internet in accordance to its contemporary status, centrally and in a form of a unique WiFi router reminiscent of an altar piece cross, palpably hand-made from intricate ceramic tiles, craftsmanship historically related to religious art. The gallery room becomes a space for ritualised web-browsing, enlightened by the router’s blue neon light, and just like once the prayer rooms, it creates a space for contemplation and self- reflection. In the era of misinformation and data spills, and at the dawn of mysterious 5G technology, it fills us with questions about our relationship with the new deity.