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Palau de Casavells

Exhibition, Summer 2016

Using the history of the venue as starting point, the religious-themed exhibition questions with humour the value of Christian iconography in today’s visually over-saturated world.

Adam & Eve - 2x2m diptych
Digital print on wood & gold leaf

Estampitas - 7,5x15cm
Digital print

The space

Located in a small village of the Baix Empordà in the province of Girona, it's a historic building whose origins date back to the fourteenth century, with renovations recurring for over four hundred years. A fortified building in its origins, it has been since the residence of the ecclesiastical hierarchy and served as shelter to the inhabitants of the area in successive wars. Today, this space of nearly three thousand square meters is completely restored. It offers visitors a dialogue between art,  architecture and design.